Our obsession with daily continuous improvement extends itself to the world around us. We see opportunity in challenges. So, we challenged ourselves to employ a sustainability program with both immediate benefits, and powerful long-term impact.

The Don’t Quit! sustainability program tackles the social, environmental, and economic impact we leave on the world. Although it is a tall mountain to climb, we measure ourselves by how we affect the planet, the people and animals touched by our product, and the profits that are generated by everyone involved in our supply chain. As we looked to create a mission for sustainability that would best represent Don’t Quit! we found three core values that each align with one of the three pillars of sustainability we grade ourselves against.

PILLAR 1: Stewardship for the Environment

We want to show the world that our efforts to impact the planet in a positive way are real and effective immediately. The Don’t Quit! R&D team has installed a Tetra-Pak packaging line. Our packaging can be collected, recycled, and turned into something that will provide a benefit to the world we live in. Our Tetra-Pak packaging, is composed of strong fibers along with thin layers of polymers that can be blended and converted into new products.

Industrious alternative items can be created from the recycling of our packaging materials such as boxes, crates, roofing tiles, and a litany of other utilitarian products. The contents of our Tetra-Pak packaging can be recycled up to 7 times which helps to facilitate a circular economy with low-carbon emissions. We are committed to making that functional materials remain in use while lowering the overall climate impact of production. Our 52oz jugs are also recyclable and help to maintain a balanced ecosystem through easy recyclability. By offering a PET multi-serve option, we have consolidated 6 and 1/2 servings into one bottle which eliminates vast amounts of material waste and production. We strive to be good stewards of the earth.


The Don’t Quit! R&D team searched intently to find premium quality ingredients, starting with our milk. With the help of our dairy farmers, we have established a zero-tolerance policy for any act of animal cruelty. We will only work with farmers who commit to the finest care for their animals while demanding that the milk we use be rBST hormone free.

The better the care that our farmers take of their animals, the better the quality of the milk we are able to provide in Don’t Quit! for our consumers. Our rigorous standards are upheld by our processors and we want to provide Don’t Quit! consumers with a product they can feel proud to drink. When it comes to sourcing, we don’t leave anything to chance. We take great care to establish quality controls that are leading edge in the industry. Your health, and the health of the animals we source from, is our responsibility.

PILLAR 3: Committed to our Farmers

We are committed to expanding our farmer network and the practices that make Don’t Quit! dairy both delicious and sustainable. However, we want to do more than simply protect these sustainable production values for Don’t Quit!. We want to proliferate these practices throughout the industry. Our goal is to make sure that our farmers can stay in business and remain profitable. It is critical to the health of our planet that our farmers have partners that care about the growth of their businesses for the future.

And while our farmers struggle with fluctuating commodity markets and unpredictable weather events, we reward our family of farmers by supporting them with an authenticity guarantee. We will never substitute their product for cheap synthetics. This authenticity guarantee is to help establish a profitable, stable base of business and ensure that they can sustainably continue to grow. When our farmers prosper, we all prosper. Our company, our consumers, and our farmers should all be able to realize the benefits of a Don’t Quit! lifestyle for generations to come.

We’ve aligned our passion for people and our purpose of inspiration by employing sustainable production methodologies and valuable supply chain partnerships. Our goal is to promote good stewardship for the environment, take responsibility for the people and animals our product touches, and develop a strategy that keeps good farmers in business for the future.

“Join us as we lead the way for a better beverage in a better world. Don’t Quit!” - Jake